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Developers of qutIM and plugins

This list is intended for users in order to provide information which developer is responsible which part of the program, and thus helping them contacting the right person.

  • Rustam Chakin (qutimdev)
    • Kernel (up to 0.2)
    • ICQ protocol (up to 0.2)
  • Ruslan Nigmatulin (euroelessar)
  • Nikita Belov (zodiac)
  • Alexey Sidorov (Sauron)
    • Kernel
    • PluginManager - плагин управления пакетами оформления, плагинами qutIM.
    • KDE Notifications - плагин, использующий KDE шные уведомления
    • Mass Messaging - плагин массовой рассылки
  • Denis Daschenko (reindeer)
  • Alexandr Kazarin (Boiler)
    • IRC protocol
    • Imagepub - plugin for loading pictures to image hosting.
    • Yandex.narod - plugin for loading files to yandex file sharing service.
    • UrlPreview - plugin for displaying pictures in chat window from links send to chat.
    • sqlhistory -plugin to keep history in sql.
  • Rusanov Peter (xtazz)
  • Igor Syromyatnikov (sqee)
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