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How to report a bug


In order to report a bug it's needed to provide the following:

  1. Information about system:
    • OS, its version.
    • Which compiler was used, version.
    • Cmake version.
    • Qt libraries version.
    • For some plugins, e.g. jabber, versions of libTLS, zlib, libidn, and other libraries.
  2. Accurate problem description:
    • What is done
    • What is expected
    • What is happening
  3. In case of fatal error, problem description is not sufficient. Debug log is needed.


  • First, make sure you have the latest version.
  • Make sure that the core and the plugins are compiled with similar keys (release/debug), it can cause errors.

Full info about building and keys Building from git

General requirements

  1. Search for similar problem, if it exists, you can supplement ticket.
  2. When posting ticket consider: one error - one ticket.
  3. Preferred language is english.
  4. You agree to watch the ticket, provide additional info and reproduce error if needed with new versions from git and/or with patches offered by developers

How to make report about critical error

For fatal error debug log is needed. For this you need to compile qutim and plugins with debug info and run in a debugger.

In Linux u can run a program in a debugger like this:

gdb qutim 

… some text, enter run and press enter

(r) run 

… when program crashes, here will be short information about error, enter where …


Here will be full information about error, which you need to append to ticket together with short information.

Where to place ticket

QutIM bug tracker

Section Bugs on qutIM's forum - for feature requests and bug reports.

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