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Getting Started with git and Gitorious

Gitorious — is an internet service, providing infrastructure for managing project. It uses git as a Version Control System.

How to Start Using Gitorious


In order to start using Gitorious, one should have a registration. Doing this is simple — just visit

Then a public key should be uploaded, an important step in the registration process.

Generating Key

First OpenSSH should be installed. Most present Linux distributions have it installed by default. If it's not — in Ubuntu and similar distros it's done easily:

sudo apt-get install openssh

For Windows the necessary commands would be included in the git distribution.

Then ssh-keygen should be run. During the command execution a pass-phrase would be asked — should not be Your root or any user accounts password!

The public key would be stored for exaple in:


Executing cat /home/<your_user_name>/.ssh/ would show key's content. The content should be copy/pasted to Gitorious' dedicated form.

Work Basics

Creating a Project

Fill in the simple form at

Pushing Project's files

How? Quickly looking at git push help.

In fact, on Your page, while empty, You will be given the command that will perform the download files on Gitorious.

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